BlanchAir operates a fire-bombing helicopter in NSW and is tasked for Tactical Fire Fighting over the summer fire season. The bucket used is a FAST, originally designed in Australia. It allows variable fill, multi-drop fast and slow bucket shallow fill operations, allowing the pilot to have complete control over each drop.

Our helicopter is one of the most productive and economical firefighting aircraft available because of our well-equipped aircraft and experienced pilots.

Aerial Photogrammetry

BlanchAir’s Piper Arrow aircraft is equipped with an approved camera-hole modification. The camera is mounted on a specialist 3 axis gimbal mount, giving accurate GPS data. It interfaces with software allowing the resulting images to be stitched together to provide images of very large areas which are well suited to cartography and GIS departments. If you have a need for aerial photographs, BlanchAir can help get you the images you need at the most competitive price.

Airborne Remote Crop Sensing

BlanchAir conducts Airborne Remote sensing using a near Infra-Red camera mounted vertically in our 4-seater Piper Arrow aircraft flying approximately at 6,000 to 8,000 ft. The images we get are analysed by specialist software, which applies a colour ramp(scheme) so that farmers and agronomists are able to easily identify which areas of a paddock are performing well and which are lacking in vigour. Armed with this information they’re able to investigate and make management decisions targeting specific areas. This allows savings on input costs, higher yields etc. If you would like to see what your crop is doing beyond the naked eye, before it's harvested, call us today to take advantage of this leading edge technology.