BlanchAir has a fleet of aircraft to suit your agricultural needs. Please call us on 07 47762767 for expert advice on choosing the most suitable aircraft for the solution.

DW- I Eagle

We operate the only DW- I Eagle bi-plane in the country - a unique agricultural aircraft with the advantages and attributes of a glider, including low induced drag which makes it extremely efficient. The Eagle can be operated safely using much shorter runways, with a low risk matrix on takeoff with a full payload. The Eagle is around 40% more efficient than similar aircraft but with the added benefit of reduced carbon footprint and CO2 emissions.

BlanchAir owns the Type Certificate (i.e. ownership rights, tooling, drawings and manufacturing instructions) for the Eagle from the Bellanca Aircraft Company.

Air Tractor AT 401

The Air Tractor AT401 is purpose-built for agricultural, firefighting and a variety of utility applications. Its engine is approved to run on unleaded motor fuel making it ideal for bigger, more distant jobs where sourcing the more expensive Avgas poses logistical constraints.

The Air Tractor combines power with productivity with more acres sprayed in less time. It is ideal for fertilising and seeding with a custom designed fertiliser loader that can be used on most forklifts or tractor with fork attachment. The loader can be transported, allowing quick travel to even the most remote area. We use the latest GPS systems and can give you a report of what product was applied where and when.

Cessna Ag Wagon

The Ag Wagon is a Cessna aircraft that takes its roots from many of the early Cessna models before being designed specifically for agricultural use. A fast and robust aircraft, well suited to a variety of regular spraying operations. A plethora of features improve both the effectiveness and safety of spraying operations.

M-74L Wasp

The M-74L Wasp is the ideal choice for aerial spraying, using many of the same components as the venerable Bell 47 but removing the passenger carrying ability from the cockpit allows that weight to be carried as chemical in the spray tanks. Travelling  at a lesser speed helps make the spray pattern more accurate and when equipped with Accu-Flo solid stream nozzles, we can guarantee no drift. The ‘Wasp’ is primarily used for preplant herbicides or when spraying close to hazards or sensitive areas.

UH-1B Super Huey

The Bell UH-1B Super Huey is another aircraft in our fleet that is especially designed for the operations that we specialise in. A light airframe with a larger engine and increased capacity drivetrain means that this aircraft can lift its legal capacity all day long in whatever conditions it has to...