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At BlanchAir our aircraft have their own ground support team that bring you value in convenience, safety and reliability. We are proud to be one of the few companies who have the luxury of choosing the aircraft most suited for the solution - allowing reduced operating costs whilst performing at ‘higher than average’ industry standards. This competitive edge enables us to provide the best result for the best price.

Granular Herbicide

If you’re looking for a way to ensure more uniformed seeding and spreading; and quick and economical treatment for your pastures for seasons to come, aerial Granular Herbicide application is a technology that offers incredible accuracy, minimizing waste and ensuring even delivery, making it a very efficient method of pasture improvement.

BlanchAir can provide legal, accredited and effective treatment of pasture for weeds such as Lancewood, Tea Tree Regrowth, Rubber Vine, Prickly Acacia, Brigalow, Parkinsonia and Giant Sensitive Weed.

Granular herbicides allow landowners to target areas under canopies and foliage and reduce off target application. It is also well-known that the slow-release granular herbicide offers extended effectiveness of the active ingredient, with effective herbicide results often being seen more than two years after application.

In particular, Tebuthiuron can be readily sourced and the results of these applications are well documented in grazing land across Queensland. We can also apply selected grass seed at the landowner's request to further improve feed quality.